50th Reunion


Hi Everyone   Our 50th Reunion planning has begun and it continuing

Here is where we are so far.......

The reunion committee has gotten together twice now and it is really really fun.  Work....yes, sometimes challenging....yes because everybody wants to get caught up and there are at least 4 different conversations going on at any one time.....but a lot of fun to be with all our friends and just sit an BS about old times.

So far the current reunion committee consists of:  Janet Stone (in Omaha),  Pat Corey,  Garry Smith,  Steve Struthers, Tina (Bodine) Hall, Bruce Kalin, Jeff Wooldridge and myself. VERY sadly, we have lost two key members from the previous reunion planning and they would be Bill Knoepfler and Jeff Macfarlane.....may they RIP.   We would LOVE to have any other people show an interest and participate in the planning.  Feel free to contact/join the committee if you would like and have some ideas.  


"Central Class of 1972"

Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th. 2022 

HOTEL-                                                                                                                                                                  Bruce has commandeered 29 rooms at what you all know as the Marina Inn (same place we were last reunion).   It is now named the South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront.  DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE NEW MARIOTT IN SIOUX CITY ON 4TH STREET.  A regular room rate is $159 /night  but Bruce got them down to #139.00/night.  Nice job Bruce!  You can call (855) 297-1429 or (800) 627-7468 and the automated system will help you and direct you to a representative if necessary.  Here is a breakdown of the rooms available:  They currently have 9 rooms with the "water" view,  10 rooms with King beds and 10 rooms with two Queen beds..  These are available on a first come-first serve basis and the cut-off date to reserve a room (if they are not all used up) is June 24th.  When you make your reservation  tell them you are part of the "Central Class of 1972" group to get the special rate. 

FRIDAY-  Friday night the gathering will start at 6pm and will take place at our hotel....the  Marina (Marriott)  It  should be a fun night of conversation with food (heavy hourdorves).(NO major sit down dinner will be provided on Friday night)  There will be High Top tables & lots of mingling.  There will more than likely be a D J to play some background music but we control the volume and selection of music.  

SATURDAY PLANS-  Golf for both the men and the women.....(Yet to be established & set up)                       6pm dinner planned at the Sioux City Country Club and here is where you will have a bigger meal......although it will be "Buffet" style so it will be a little more impromptue and informal.  My thoughts are- We would like Sat night to be a continuation of "Our Last Prom"....... 

As mentioned,  the class of '71 is also gathering that weekend and they are going to meet at the Ickey Nickel Bar and Grill on Hwy 75 out by JolllyTime Popcorn. They have invited any and all of us to come join their gathering on Saturday night. 

MARK HANNA'S ROOM-   As last reunion, Mark Hanna is gong to reserve the full suite and the end of the hall for the entire weekend and make it a 24/7 gathering place for all of us.  Refreshments will be available. 

SUNDAY-   Nothing has "officially" been set up for Sunday but we are thinking that we would like to have a "Get Together" breakfast for anyone who may be interested...... from all three years.  '70, '71 and '72  since all three years are meeting that same weekend in Sioux City.   Like I said, nothing has been set up yet but that is the direction we are headed.  


Sorry I can't give you  more details as far as the final cost of the meals yet but we are working on it.  Our ultimate goal is to do this at the same rate we did the 40th reunion but l we all know in this day and age ..... it ain't gunna happen at that rate.  Just  know we are trying VERY hard to keep expenses down so we can get as many as possible to participate.  

So, what's makes a reunion successful???  The place we stay......NO     The things we do.......NO     The places we eat.......NO   The amount it cost......NO     The people we see......YES  and the 



The last Title (for this section) I had was 

"Can you believe it ......40 YEARS!"

The new Title is:

Holy "S" this is our 50th coming up.  I remember when my parents had their 50th & THEY WERE OLD. 

So what does that make me?

Don't have a lot to post right now about the reunion as we have not had an official meeting yet as a committee (who ever that is) BUT certain individuals have been working independently on preliminary issues and so this is (unofficially) what has transpired so far.....

-The reunion IS GOING TO HAPPEN !  !  !  !  !

-The date has been set.....July 15 & July 16. 2022                                                               It will be an exceptional reunion as not only will our class, i.e.-the class of '72           be celebrating our 50th but also (because of Covid and the fact that                         basically NOTHING happened last year) the class of '71 is also going to do               theirs on the same date.  Also, the class of 1970 is ALSO going to join the               class's of '71  '72.  THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A CENTRAL HIGH ALL                 CLASS  REUNION but rather just the three classes .... '70,  '71  and '72.               As it stands right now, each class will have their own facility to center from             and each class will have their own special "their class only" gathering on                   probably Saturday night but if possible we may all attempt to have a massive           gathering or whatever on Friday night.  

-It is my understanding that the class of '70 and '71 have their hotels booked and locked down and we do not.....yet. This will be our first priority.  One of them has taken the Marina in So. Soo and the other is at the Hilton Garden Inn.


This is all I have so far to pass along.  I just wanted everyone to know where we stand so far on the reunion plans.

More to come..........................




To be set (Friday July 15 2022)