In Memory of

Rich Peete

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01/15/14 10:12 AM #1    

Johnny Bolin

Rich was the first of all my classmates to cross over to the other side. I will never forget his friendship and laughter. He was always a joy to be around! Rich has been missed by many and left us way to young for him and so long ago for the rest of us! Rest in Peace Richard!

01/30/18 09:51 AM #2    

Tina Bodine (Hall)

Rich was a good and thoughtful friend. He loved to laugh and contemplated deeply as well. I will always remember him with great fondness. He is missed.



01/30/18 05:02 PM #3    

Rusty Clark

Rich was, to me, never a close close friend but  he was becoming a very good friend at the end.  As we all got closer and closer to graduation Rich and I started to click and we were becoming better and better friends.  He ran around with a different crowd from me but was able and willing to accept me for who I was and visa-versa. (If you recall, that was a hard thing to do back in the early 70's).   Then in a blink of an eye he was gone.  His death was devistating to me back then and still is today although time has it's way of softening the blow and shock.  He was the first of our class, that I knew, to pass on and just a few months after graduation........What a shame.  Rich Pete had a very good sole and was a really good person behind that "tough guy" fascade.  I think of him often and always smile inside at the memory of him......he was a GREAT guy. 

02/01/18 10:18 AM #4    

Bruce A. Pearson

Wow!, has it really been 46 years? I didn't hang with Rich much, but I did enjoy partying with him several times with mutual friends/classmates. I remember the shock and sorrow when told of his passing, thinking what a tragedy & waste.  Seeya on the other side brother. 

02/02/18 09:09 PM #5    

Barry L Stidfole

I was a good friend withf Rich. We met in11th grade and had a simiilar interesst in scuba diving, We had plans of diving together, but it never happened.  We atteneded  many Central activities  together (usually high, God we had fun).  He was a good friend who I miss dearly. What a waste of a good personn. Like Bruce says I hope to see you on the other side to do that dive. Rest in peace friend. Miss you 

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