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03/08/18 09:56 PM #1    

Rick Dennler

Hi class mates, some of you may remember my mother, Lois Dennler from Herbert Hoover, many of you had her for French or Spanish, maybe as a home room teacher.  She lost her long battle with Alzheimer's disease on Sunday, March 4th.  My sisters Kathy and Debbie and I were at her side in St Louis.  I just wanted you to know, and here is a link to the home where we will have our service this Saturday. She was many things but most of all, a great mother, and a great teacher.  Hope this finds you all well.

Rick Dennler

03/09/18 07:36 AM #2    

Rusty Clark

I am so sorry to hear of her passing Rick,  She "attempted" to teach me Spanish.  She did a really good job.... I didn't.  I seem to have forgotten 99% of it today.  Loved your mother.  She was great!  She also had the best room at Hoover.  Right there where all the halls converged and next to the bathrooms where the kids would go to get in trouble.  GREAT MEMORIES ! ! ! ! !

03/09/18 01:50 PM #3    

Bruce A. Pearson

Hi Rick, sorry to hear about your mom. Hope all is going well on your end. Bruce

03/09/18 07:42 PM #4    

James H Corkhill

Hi Rick,

So sorry to hear of your mother's passing.  When I took Spanish from your mom,  I was a typical Jr. High kid,... wasn't the best student interested in a foreign language.  But I did listen, and I did learn.  Later in my life,  I took a trip to Peru; then later two trips to Nicaragua.  And I worked really hard to speak conversational Spanish.  Also,  over 10 percent of my customers at work speak Spanish.  Mrs. Dennler was a great teacher, and a great neighbor when we hung out together.  So,  "Gracias, Senora Dennler. Dios te bendiga."  And I will pray for comfort for your family.

03/10/18 11:26 AM #5    

Mark Steven Lawson


Sorry for your loss. I too was a partial success story in her class. 

Mark Lawson

03/10/18 08:35 PM #6    

Rick Dennler

Thanks for all your comments. It means a lot to me and my sisters to hear your memories!

03/12/18 01:10 AM #7    

Steven J. Raher


    I am very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was one of my favorite teachers. Your family is in my prayers.



03/12/18 12:55 PM #8    

Rick Dennler

Thank you, again for your thoughts and memories,  we had a wonderful service in St Louis Saturday. So many comments came up about her years teaching junior high, some of those comments from her students read aloud by my sister Kathy.  My mom was also a Central High grad.  My uncle Paul Vander Wiel who coached and taught at Central when we attended was there with his wife, my mom’s sister Marlene and their daughter.  You may have had Paul for Biology, or as a track or football coach.  If you were in my biology class with Paul, you might remember him throwing an earthworm across the room at me, landing on my head.  Never a dull moment.



03/13/18 10:07 PM #9    

Tina Bodine (Hall)

Rick, sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I, too, remember exactly where her classroom was at Hoover. I have  very positive memories of your mom. She was always kind to me and I thought she was pretty and she had a great smile. She had a positive influence on many of us. Sending you and your family a warm embrace. 



03/14/18 11:32 AM #10    

Rick Dennler

Thank you Tina, great to hear from you, and very thoughtful 😊

03/26/18 05:42 PM #11    

Mary E Cooper

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet mom's passing, Rick. She was a lovely lady. God bless

05/30/21 07:57 PM #12    


Lee Bobier

To all my fellow classmates, some departed way to soon, I wish all of us a Happy Memorial Day and time to reflet on the true meaning of this holiday

08/07/23 07:47 PM #13    

Marti Lundblad (Lafferty)

It is with heavy heart that I make the class of 1972 aware of the passing of friend and classmate Debbie Miller Knight.  She passed away on Wednesday, August 2nd.  Her obituary can be found at Meyer Brothers Funeral Home.  We were childhood friends and she will be greatly missed.  Please keep Al, Chad and Amanda in your thoughts and prayers.

Marti Lundblad Lafferty

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